Aftercare for circumcision isn’t hard to understand, but it can be confusing for some. What exactly is aftercare? Aftercare is the care that you give your baby after the procedure. Aftercare is not necessarily related to the procedure. After the procedure is complete, your doctor may tell you to keep your baby warm and then put you in bed with him for the night. This is known as being in the tub.

What is considered “aftercare”? American Pregnancy Association and American Medical Association (AMA) say that any of these items are part of your baby’s normal post-circulation care. They include feeding, changing nappies, changing diapers, wiping, avoiding a nappy injury, avoiding scalding, and wiping. The first three items are considered the minimum care needed by a baby. If your baby does not do any of these things or if they are doing them more than once a week, or less often than that, you need a different plan. You might also consider a higher or lower ratio of wound to nappy.

After the circumcision procedure, the fourth item can be considered normal. You should take your baby home after he has been discharged from hospital. The procedure itself will not cause any pain to your baby, so you don’t need to worry about any type of pain from the scalding or washing of the penis.

What is considered “abnormal aftercare?” Most cases don’t have any medical reason to disregard the doctor’s pre-circumcision instructions. You could sue if your baby does anything that is unusual or dangerous, such as an earlier enlargement of his penis. If your baby’s genitals are cut during the procedure, it is possible that he will have permanent scarring, need reconstructive surgery, or even be born with genital warts.

A word of caution about “wounding down” in the pre-circumcision aftercare. Most hospitals will allow you keep your baby’s penis “as-is” if it heals on its own within a few days. However, there are potential problems that could occur. These problems can include internal bleeding due to infection, necrosis, or excessive scarring. It is best to have your baby “wound up” before any underlying issues become serious.

You must also be aware of the importance to clean your baby’s penis. The pre-circumcision aftercare recommendation is to clean your baby’s penis at every diaper change. But how long should it take to wipe the diapers? It all depends on how dry the baby’s skin is. If your baby has dry skin you should swab less often. If he has very wet skin you should swab more often.

There are other considerations for your baby’s post-circumcision aftercare, as well. Some parents find that applying petroleum jelly (or KY Jelly) on their baby’s penis can help ease any pain he might be experiencing. Petroleum jelly is said to help the baby erection when he has difficulty. Other parents have found that gauze pads can be used to prevent smelly discharge. These should be used temporarily and should be checked daily.

As with any surgery, you must follow the instructions for aftercare very carefully if you want your baby to heal properly. As long as you do not let excessive bleeding or infection get out of hand, you can rest assured that your child will be back to normal quickly. If your baby is due for a diaper change within eight hours, you don’t need to delay. Before you put the diaper on again, ensure that your baby gets lots of attention.