The difference between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning isn’t the kind of work done, but the methods of cleaning. Residential cleaning involves large, daily tasks that are performed by a team. Commercial cleaning requires larger, more permanent projects that can be done multiple times per year. These services, also known as industrial or commercial cleaning, are different from regular house cleaning in many aspects. Here are some examples.

The equipment used to clean the house is one of the most important differences between domestic cleaning services and commercial cleaning services. Domestic cleaners may use brooms and toothbrushes to clean the house, but industrial cleaners will use more sophisticated, high-tech gear. Some examples include floor buffers, squeegees and vacuum cleaners. There are many chemicals that can be used in industrial cleaning services. These may vary depending on where they are needed and what is available. Industrial cleaners may use chlorine- or acid-based solutions to remove organic compounds and stains in some cases. House cleaners prefer not to use any chemicals.

Floor scrubbers and buffers are not tasks that residential cleaning companies often perform. These are usually performed by professional home appliance technicians. If you want your floors buffed on a regular basis, you’ll want to get these services done regularly. If you only need your appliances serviced on a periodic basis, it may be a better idea to hire a regular appliance technician. Home appliances that are more complex and more expensive to run will always be more expensive to hire on a regular basis.

There is a difference between residential cleaning services and industrial cleaning services in the type of work they do. But it also matters how they do it. Residential cleaning services are more focused on the “how” rather than the “what” of what they do. This results in cleaner floors and more organized work spaces. However, industrial cleaning companies are more focused on how they do business. As a result, industrial cleaners have to use more advanced equipment and cleaning solutions in order to get the job done.

Commercial cleaners are primarily hired to keep commercial properties spic and span. Owners and property managers are almost always more liable for dirty premises. Commercial cleaning services should make sure that every square foot of a building is spotless, free from clutter, and free of hazards. Many industrial cleaners also provide air quality monitors, video surveillance equipment and other specialized technologies in order to keep the working conditions in industrial premises as safe as possible. It’s the same commitment and attention to detail that a regular house cleaner would not show.

Some offices only require their floors to be swept every few days. Others may need their floors mopped and swept daily. While some offices might only need their windows cleaned once or twice per month, others will need their offices scrubbed and disinfected at least a dozen times during the year. The only way to truly know how often your office building needs its windows cleansed is to ask the janitors themselves. Interviewing commercial cleaning services will reveal a lot about their work habits.

Commercial cleaning services often offer green cleaning solutions to their clients. It is important to maintain a clean workplace. It can be difficult for in-house employees to take time off from work to complete the job requirements for an office. If you’re not part a team, it can be difficult for you to hire professionals in your chosen field. Green cleaning, however, gives in-house employees the assurance that company standards are being observed no matter where they work.

When interviewing commercial cleaners, the last topic to be discussed is the equipment they use. Many companies make their vacuum cleaners, floor brushes, and brooms in-house. For larger companies, however, special attachments for vacuum cleaners or brooms may be necessary. In addition, a variety of commercial cleaning services will have vacuum trucks with special racks to store and dispense dust balls.